The Local Villages

This is a fun way to cycle around the south part of Battambang. This tour is organize for all cyclist who want to share experience with local student to see the local villages around the country. Not only for cycling, but also to discovering, learning about the culture and lifestyles.

What to see

Battambang Ancient Househqdefault

There are many kinds of houses of the Cambodian people. Wat Kor village there is one of the old tranditional house which was built in 1920 still located and with a good form. Walking  around this ancient house is likely to walk back in the ancient time.   This house measure 28 meters in length and 11.5 meters in width, and was constructed on a surface area of 5,450 square meters in PET style (a kind of house ), meaning that the house has verandas called Balcony (drying place) at the front and its two sides. The house has two staircases; the front staircase was  made of concrete and the rear staircases was made of wood. The house roof was tiled with antique Naga-scale-shaped tiles, with no inside ceilings. The top portion of the roof was adorned with splendid artistic decors. The above part of the roof was made of Phcheuk wood (a type of very hard and Excellent wood ) , and the floor-boards of the verandas were made of Kakoh wood (another type of very hard and Excellent wood) As for the walls, they were constructed of woven bamboo and plastered. The 36 pillars were all made of phcheuk wood, and they are still strong up until today.

Buddhist Temple (Wat)IMG_9863n copy

Thearavada Buddhism is the official religion in Cambodia which is practiced by 95 percent of the population– just like that of Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka. However, Christianity and Cham Muslim are being active and popular among a large number of population as well in the capital and provinces, showing a sign of growth. Buddhists see the universe and all life as part of a cycle of eternal change. They follow the teaching of Buddha, an Indian prince born in the sixth century B.C. Buddhists believe that a person is continually reborn, in human or nonhuman form, depending on his or her actions in a previous life. They are released from this cycle only when thy reach nirvana, which may be attained by achieving good karma through earning merit and following the Buddhist path of correct living. These questions only menrables or monks can answer. Your tour guides will bring you to contact and have a long conversation related to Buddhism.

Fishing Villageboat-with-the-river-wide-net

Five provinces circled the area of Tonle Sap Lake, more than three million of population inhabited around the bank of the Lake and 90% of them earn a living by catching fish and making agricultures. As you can see on the map of Cambodia It stretches across the northwest section of the country. According Battambang province is not so far differences from the five provinces that people who live along the river bank start growing rice, vegetable and fishing for their living. Get to know and contact the local, learning how to use fishing net with them. Learning how to catch the fish with the locals.

Chopstics Cake Making

Making Chopsticks Cake is the most difficult and hard work. They need to take care hit and deep fried all the sticky daugh. To work one time they need 3 people to work together inoder to run the hot pants with the oil. This cake is a good snack for the children around villages. To visit there you will learn a new ways of them and taste their cake with their fresh smile.

Rice Alcohol

Rice spirit is the local alcohol. In late 2000 it is a popular alcohol for the country. People drink rice spirit in special ceremony and for tranditional medicine or fermentation with herb, roots and some poisonous animals (snake, tarantuala, cobra, scorpion and so on…). We are not only see they making, but we can cheer either.



Tour Informations

Tour Departure

Morning : 7:30 am to 12:00 pm
Afternoon : 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Tour Prices

The Local Villages

The tour is biking through the local villages of the south of Battambang city. The tour is focus on fun ride and all the stops are random depends on the the activities of the people and the end we have fun of ridding Bamboo Train. The price for this tour is 13$/person.

What include in the tour

Tuk Tuk pick up/drop off
Snacks and water
Bicycles with local hats
Tour guide
Cold towels

On the other hands, Livelihoods tour is 13$/person with all included.

What include in the tour

Breakfast along the tour
Tuk Tuk pick up and drop off
Snacks and water
Bicycles with helmets
Tour guide
Cold towels

Full- Day tour 38$/person
Livelihoods tour + Tuk Tuk tour
Tour include
Water, Snacks, Lunch, Tuk Tuk for haft day to the bat cave
bicycles and tour guides.

Walking Tour

Only a group of 2 or more people are allowed on this tour.
Departure: 4:00 PM Finish at 6:00 PM