Free Cycling Tour

We aim to show you around Battamabng, to show and share about our culture. Join us with Free Cycling Tour which is Free, just get your own bike and ride with us. It is not a fun ride, but a tour that every people looking for to explore. We bike to the north of Battambang to see the livelihoods of the local. This tour is available only on Monday Morning.

Livelihoods of Battambang

Livlihoods of Battambang is the most popular tour in Battambang for visitors who want to cycle around local villages to learn about their products made and it is the best way to taste their food along the way..

Where to go

Rice paper

This is the best place that we will know the way how to make rice paper from the local people and we will have a chance, try to make also taste the delicous fresh and fried spring rolls made by them.  how they  manage and servive their lifesyles.


Dried Banana

How this secret to know and amazing to do in the local. people all known it is the snack for them and the best taste to try also to see. Talking about Cambodian strong believes with banana.


Rice wine

As a tranditional, Cambodian people use rice wine  and ferment with some herbs and poison is the best taste for medicine to cure some illnesses. It has its own recipes to make it, do you want to know how it work? It’s good to see, learn and taste the rice wine.


Making Rice Noodle

What is difference with Khmer noodle and others, Khmer noodle is made from rice and it is the amazing ways to learn how to make rice noodle in Cambodia. Great way too see their tools which  is an old trantditional, since previous time until now still keep using. The last is to taste Khmer noodle  with good soup in it. Yam yam!!!


Ek Phnom Temple

Ek Phnom was built in the 11th century as a Hindu temple by King Suryavarman I. It is located in Tkov village in Peam Ek commune, about 14 kilo metres from Battambong town.

The temple consists of prasats on a platform with some carvings in good condition, but Ek Phnom pagoda is a modern pagoda. It has one of the most complete collections of Buddhist wall and ceiling paintings in all Cambodia. There are 18 bodhi trees around the temple. Outside the temple to the south, you will see a moat that is now a pond.

Along the road that takes you from Batambang city to Ek Phnom, you will pass through some outstanding scenic

Fish Paste Market

Fish paste market is the smelly stop for you. According to fish paste is the popular food for Asian people, it travels around Thailand and Vietnam also Cambodia. We choose the way of fermentation the fish with salt to keep the food for long period, without salt, fish becomes broken, that’s why we always keep the fish in the jar and start making fish paste in steed of wasted. This  place is good to see and learn how to make it.


Bamboo Sticky Rice

The last stop and the most interesting with tasty cake for you ever. This stop we will see how amazing it is, and try this lovely bamboo cake together. It will be memorable after you finish this tour.



Tour Informations

Tour Departure

Morning : 7:30 am to 12:00 pm
Afternoon : 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Tour Prices

Bike to Bamboo Train

The tour is biking through the local villages of the south of Battambang city. The tour is focus on fun ride and all the stops are random depends on the the activities of the people and the end we have fun of ridding Bamboo Train. The price for this tour is 11$/person.

Tour Exclude
Bamboo Train ticket 5$/person

What include in the tour

Tuk Tuk pick up/drop off
Snacks and water
Bicycles with local hats
Tour guide
Cold towels

On the other hands, Livelihoods tour is 11$/person with all included.

What include in the tour

Breakfast along the tour
Tuk Tuk pick up and drop off
Snacks and water
Bicycles with helmets
Tour guide
Cold towels

Full- Day tour 38$/person
Livelihoods tour + Tuk Tuk tour
Tour include
Water, Snacks, Lunch, Tuk Tuk for haft day
bicycles and tour guides.

Walking Tour

Only a group of 2 or more people are allowed on this tour.
Departure: 4:00 PM Finish at 6:00 PM